Gift Cards Galore

Upon the purchase of a $100 Gift Card, you will receive an additional $20 Gift Certificate at the time of purchasing the Gift Card along with a Stamp Card to track your visits.

Visit all 5 of our locations and upon your final visit and completion of the tour you will receive an additional $30 Gift Certificate for completing the tour in the time allotted.

Get It Stamped

As you reach each new leg (location) of the tour, at the end of your visit, the manager on duty will stamp your card with the respective locations stamp.

You’re ready to move onto the next leg!


Win the Tour

It wouldn’t be a true tour without a winner, so we made sure someone will receive a winners reward!

Be the first person to complete each leg of the tour (visit every location), have your stamp card filled out and you will receive TWO tickets for a Pedal Pub Tour ($200+ Value) in Niagara on the Lake!

Upon your last stamp, take a picture with the manager on duty and send it in to @43northrestaurantgroup on Instagram. First person to receive all 5 stamps and send in the image is the official winner of the inaugural Tour di 43 North!


Tour di 43 North Conditions & Details

Purchase a $100 Gift Card at any one of our 43 North locations and receive a $20 Certificate from April 3rd, 2023 to April 30th, 2023. $20 Certificate is not valid on the date issued. In addition to the Certificate you will also receive a Stamp Card to be used at each location to confirm your visit by the manager on duty.

In order to complete the tour, you must purchase a lunch or dinner entrée at each location in order to collect your stamp. Once all 5 stamps have been given, you will be given an additional $30 Certificate to be used at any 43 North Group location. In order to be eligible for the $30 Certificate, you must complete the tour by September 4th, 2023.